Protecting Your Dog From Kennel Cough

Protecting Your Dog From Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is one of those terms that are often heard in association with dogs but few people have a clear understanding of what this infection really is and how to protect their pet. The fact is that kennel cough is common in dogs that are living (temporarily or permanently) in a crowded or stressful situation. The infection is characterized by a deep 강남휴게텔 cough, which sounds almost as if the dog has something caught in its throat.

The medical name for this infection is ‘canine infectious tracheo-bronchitis’. There are many possible causative agents or factors of this infection including stress caused by travel or by crowded conditions, exposure to cold temperatures or exposure to pollutants in the air. Even cigarette smoke can pose a risk.

Kennel cough is the result of a reduction in the animal’s normal protective mechanisms of the respiratory tract. In addition or combination with the factors listed above, the actual bacterium responsible for kennel cough is ‘Bordetella Bronchiseptica’. Because the cough is extremely contagious and is passed from dog to another via respiratory secretions, boarding kennels, animal shelters, and grooming shops are often places that dogs seem to ‘catch’ the cough.

Some cases of kennel cough resolve themselves. If your dog develops a cough but continues to eat and be active there is a good chance that the problem will end on its own, without any medical intervention. However, in other cases, especially in those involving young puppies, the kennel cough can be more serious and can even result in the development of pneumonia. These pets will need the professional care of a veterinarian. In all likelihood they will receive antibiotics as well as anti-tussives for the cough.

Vaccinations are available for this infection, but they are not always recommended for all dogs. Instead, they are given to dogs at risk for Bordetella. Most boarding kennels require that dogs be vaccinated against the infection before they can stay. Although few groomers require that dogs be vaccinated against Bordetella, it is advisable that any dog that regularly visits a groomer have the vaccination. The same is true for dog training classes. In fact, the vaccination is warranted for dogs that regularly visit a dog park or other area where they are likely to socialize with unknown dogs.

It is important to note that even with the vaccination dogs can still develop the clinical signs and symptoms of kennel cough. The good news is that the symptoms will be milder and usually will not last long.

It’s always suggested that you talk with your veterinarian to determine if your dog should be vaccinated against this or any type of disease or infection. In most cases though, if your dog socializes with other dogs, having him vaccinated against Bordetella is a good idea. Other things to consider include the climate you live in and the air quality your dog is exposed to routinely. Protection is almost always easier than dealing with the consequences of ignoring a potential health threat.

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